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Dasha's Kitchen: My magical grilled cheese sandwich recipe

Dasha Ilina (author)

Dasha Ilina

Dasha Ilina is a Russian techno-critical artist based in Paris, France. Through the employment of low-tech and DIY approaches, her work questions the desire to incorporate modern technology into our daily lives by highlighting the implications of actually doing so.

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Dasha’s Kitchen: My magical grilled cheese sandwich recipe

Dasha Ilina    Naomi Hettiarachchige–Hubèrt   

Dasha Ilina tricks the search algorithms that might read her essay about algorithmic surveillance into thinking it’s just a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Published 25 Apr 2024

A grilled cheese sandwich is sometimes used as a metaphor for an algorithm. Making a grilled cheese sandwich is so easy! It only takes a few simple steps, just like a basic algorithm.

Dasha's kitchen: My magical grilled cheese recipe highlights the importance of a critical discussion when it comes to artificial intelligence. Algorithms are increasingly involved in decision-making in a wide range of professional fields, and the security and surveillance sector, recently dubbed the "safe city," is no exception. For example, France's recently adopted algorithmic video surveillance, sold under the guise of necessary security measures for the upcoming 2024 Olympics, has raised many questions about who really benefits from such technology. Inspired by the online trend of reviewing everything and everyone, this video is a play on the never-ending category of reaction and review videos on YouTube. It begins with a simple recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich and turns into a vortex of videos that move further and further away from the recipe and into a discussion of what an algorithm is, and how it can be used.


With the generous support of Mains d'Oeuvres, Institut Français de la Roumanie, La Générale, and The Couch.

Music: https://www.bensound.com/free-music-for-videos

License code: 15TUXFDVKLH9B0LS

Video 1: Sandwich Algorithm - Grade 1 lesson example

Video 2: What is an algorithm and why should you care?

Video 3: How is an Algorithm Like a Recipe for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

The Guardian article: So, Amazon’s ‘AI-powered’ cashier-free shops use a lot of … humans. Here’s why that shouldn’t surprise you.

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