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director's commentary


Director's Commentary: Morpher by Kévin Bray

Kévin Bray (author)   
Published 11 Jul 2023

We are honoured to present Kévin Bray’s ongoing video project Morpher (2018-) as the first video in the Director’s Commentary series. In a beautifully timed spoken essay, Kévin dives into the theory behind the ever-shifting landscape he says he will continue developing over his whole life. From Bertolt Brecht to pop music to the evolution of the eye, Morpher seems to show us how creating culture is always a movement towards truth - towards the light. 

How can art be experienced best online? This is an important question as art and culture increasingly migrates onto social media, digital platforms, and yes - even the metaverse. Alongside commissioning new digital artworks, we invite digital and video artists whose practices fit with The Couch’s core themes and interests to show an existing video work with a twist, namely a 'director’s commentary’ that viewers can toggle on and off. In other words, the idea is to play with a new way for art audiences to access contextualizing material that doesn't require extensive reading, clicking and searching: we simply offer the artist’s voice speaking directly from within the work. You can choose to simply watch the video, or add the experience of listening to the artist speak if you want to learn more. Think of it like those old school ‘director’s commentaries’ that came as special features on DVDs (I can’t believe DVDs are old school now…). 


Singer: Daan Couzijn  
Actor: Lou Buche

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