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new hhhorizons

In September 2022 the worlds of Horst and Het HEM merged for the first time during New HHHorizons inside our building. Finding each other in similarities, both in physical, architectural context as in operating in the exciting mixture of visual arts and electronic music, the first edition of New HHHorizons proved a synergetic event that deserved a follow up.

Sharing the artistic conviction that contemporary artistic expressions cannot be captured in frames and that they often develop in overlapping border areas, Het HEM & Horst believe that cultural perception is changing rapidly and boundaries between artistic disciplines are fading. Today's creators are often both visual artists and musicians, performers and designers; they maintain a practice that allows them to move smoothly between different worlds and cultural stages.

In a two-day program in the Brutalist church building of De Thomas during Amsterdam Dance Event, we bring together a new generation of makers who think outside the boundaries of their discipline and experimentally connect electronic music to fashion, dance and visual arts. In a series of articles on The Couch we highlight these makers and explore their practice.