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Retrograde: An Outlook (Excerpt)

Jan Berger (author)

Jan Berger

Jan Berger (1993) is a visual artist and platform designer based in Berlin. His practice is primarily occupied with ludic simulation, subject formation and the emergence of cultural mythologies in online spaces. He is the founder and attending curator of the Mythical Institution, a digital project space and art school. As StJennifer, he streams gameplay on twitch.tv.

Published 20 Dec 2023

Jan Berger is the guest on the third episode of our collaboration with Future Artefacts FM, hosted by Nina Davies and Niamh Schmidtke. You can listen to the episode here

The serenity of the Mythical Institution has overcome us somewhat, and now we feel that we are nearing the conclusion. The embers sit as stars above us and as we bathe in their warm hue, the creatures we have slain murmur on the wind, a hollow sound that we ingest with every breath. We do not know how long we will sleep here, in joy and serenity. If you exhale a cry, let it be not painful and sharp but warm and joyful. Who will walk here in our absence? We know only that the events that took place here are impressed upon the land and will be ushered with every stumbled step and pulling of tide. We are also reminded that the journey into the future is only partly by chance, and that its pathway is as soft or as twisted as we desire. So, we challenge this retrograde desire for completion. Instead we open up the venue to be inhabited as others see fit, the start of a rigorous new programme. Come closer, inspect our halls, bring forth your desire and wit. Goodbye it is not, instead: hello world.

Text written by Rose Goddard

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