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director's commentary


Directors Commentary: The guest, the host & the ghost by Lorena Solís Bravo

Lorena Solís Bravo

Lorena Solís Bravo

Lorena Solís Bravo is constantly questioning their position, as a maker and human being with agency over the world they live in, through video and sculpture combined with text and performance. Scientific research and explorations of otherness are core methodologies in their work. By raising questions such as: What does it mean to be human? What is natural? Solís Bravo raises concerns about identity, intimacy, relationality, co-existence, and collaboration in order to reimagine gender, nature, politics, biology, and sexuality.

Published 24 Nov 2023

“We are not just human, we are many things”, says Lorena Solís Bravo (1991). In their work, the artist investigates what it means to be human and how we are inextricably linked to the world around us. They start from the symbiotic idea that evolution is driven by cooperation rather than by struggle. Instead of microorganisms eating each other millions of years ago, they started forming new living structures that made new forms of life possible.

Solís Bravo's work builds on this harmonious idea by asking questions about what makes us human and what defines our identity. A recurring theme is the idea of 'the other': who you are is determined by how you relate to the people around you, but also by everything non-human around us, such as bacteria, living and non-living matter,  and anything that deviates from the 'norm'.

In the process of creating and filming the video work The guest, the host & the ghost, Solís Bravo left for Brazil and developed workshops and choreography for 6 performers, in collaboration with choreographer Fernanda Libman and music producer upsammy. The artist has created a video work in which the body is presented as a landscape. Solís Bravo calls it a landscape because they argue that there is no such thing as a sole individual, but rather an assemblage of diverse living species which together form an ecological unit. We are all collections of microorganisms that just so happen to live within the landscapes of our bodies.

Text written by Milo Vermeire


Direction, writing, editing: Lorena Solís Bravo

Concept development: Lorena Solís Bravo and Fernanda Libman

Production: Lorena Solís Bravo and Fernanda Libman

Choreography: Fernanda Libman

Cinematography: Aline Belfort

Color Correction: Brunno Schiavon

Sound design: upsammy

Wardrobe design: Kahumbi

Intern: Alex Blum

Performers: José Artur Campos Juniro João Victor Cavalcante Inês Filipa da Silva Ribeiro Níke Krepischi dos Santos Manuela Libman Fonseca Joana Lima Castro

Made with the support of: Mondriaan Fonds & Afk