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Whoopsie Daisy

Jun Fujisaku (author)

Jun Fujisaku

Jun Fujisaku is a Japanese designer, having background of architecture and furniture design. His favorite food is Japanese curry and Ramen.

Published 17 Apr 2024

Even the worst of things takes time to recognize that
it is so and that it happened in reality. The time lag
before that recognition may be the nightmare.

Daydreams could also be the time lag floating
between reality and fantasy.

The nightmare and daydream are both
one step before reality and about to end.

Reality is the boundary between these two, and
surprisingly, the difference between these may be

You can see the sky that daydreams from the window
of the room where you are experiencing the

The phrase of whoopsie daisy has the magic of
overcoming a little failure or accident with a
light-hearted acceptance.

Whoopsie daisy turns a nightmare into a daydream.

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