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Old Child

Mitko Mitkov (author)

Mitko Mitkov

Mitko Mitkov (b. 1989, Ruse, Bulgaria) lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. He works towards translating (non-)verbal ideas and concepts into appropriate forms that vary from printed matter through sound-based pieces to fluid social constructs. He releases records under the name Dialog mit der Jugend and is founder of the Bad Boy Jesus City Swimmers Club as well as the platform Bad Boy Jesus Tape Club that navigates between contemporary music and experimental sound.

Published 01 Feb 2024

"Old Child" is a piece for soft voice and eerie sounds. Sound artist Mitko Mitkov came upon the expression "old child" randomly in an online collection of Bulgarian slang and it invoked recollections of his childhood in the late 90s in Southeast Europe. A period of time when the world was small and accessible mainly through pirate VHS copies of Hollywood movies, usually dubbed by a single voice actor. In the sound-based work, that he usually makes under the alias Dialog mit der Jugend, Mitkov collaborates with musicians in order to create a soundscape architecture for the words he writes to live in. He is interested in the aberrations of memories and the translation of those into something palpable from the outside. In this sense, "Old Child" is an artifact of a certain time and place, as well as a tribute to the ghosts inhabiting it. An old child does not show interest in playing with their peers but prefers to spend their time listening to seniors talking about long-gone times. 

Text & Concept, Visuals & Video Edit: Mitko Mitkov
Sound (Part 1 & 4): Till Hormann
Sound (Par 2 & 3): Mona Steinwidder
Voice Actor: Ruy Hernan Campos
Mixing & Mastering: René Huthwelker