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Daydreaming Object

Kai-Hsiang Wen (author)   
Published 17 Apr 2024

Daydreaming Object

A Series of Melting Slices

We explore a world where reality and dreams blur together as effortlessly as the melting clocks in Dalí's works. This series presents a visual story of objects in constant transformation, capturing the whimsical nature of daydreams and the eerie distortions of nightmares. Through a careful blend of sharp realism and surreal melting effects, we turn everyday scenes into captivating spectacles, challenging our expectations and altering our perception of time and reality.

Viewers are invited into this transitional space, where ordinary objects become gateways to the unconscious, bridging the gap between the real and the imagined. Here, melting clocks do more than mark the passing of time; they serve as symbols for a deeper dive into our minds, blurring the lines between past and future, the tangible and the abstract. This project is more than an artistic exploration; it is an odyssey into the essence of dreaming and the surreal, highlighting the complex interplay between beauty and unease in our lives.

'Daydreaming Object' prompts us to rethink our relationship with the everyday, encouraging deeper reflection on the overlooked aspects of our environment. It's a journey that merges the real with the unreal, reminding us of the thin veil separating our lived experiences from the realms of our dreams, and offering insightful reflections on time, memory, and the power of imagination.

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