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Yichun Liu (author)   
Kefeng Xu (author)   
Published 17 Apr 2024

Prophecy Dream
Barbara Blevins

I had another prophecy dream,
My mind racing my soul doth scream.
My whole body laying on the ground,
Awful things done unto me still I made no sound.
From my head down to my toes, This is how my prophecy dream goes.
My arms all torn and sowed, My rib removed it showed.
My sister standing there laughing with delight,
She confessed removing organs as she stood there in sight.
Then a huge hand reached down from Heaven above,
It went from my head to my toes and covered me with love.
A loud voice spoke and said all this has been done you see,
Has brought no harm unto thee.

The Lord got me prepared for this valley I was going into,
He let me know my body torn soul unharmed I made it through.
The Lord gave me the gift of prophecy at age nine year old,
I knew I was going to go through a valley I had been showed.
From the time frame in the dream I knew it wouldn't be long,
I awoke started praying for God's strength to make me strong.
This prophecy dream started not far down the road,
My mind my marriage my sister my organs happened as showed.

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