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Music as a manifestation

George Baida (author)

George Baida

George Baida is a designer from Lebanon. He is interested in the role design takes as a mode of inquiring our behaviors as users and consumers, as also being an instrument of social and political statements.

Published 17 Apr 2024

Music as a manifestation

Music is made up of sounds that are generated by waveforms whose frequency is expressed in Hertz (Hz). Those frequencies play a role in our physical and mental states.
Personally, music breaks the routine of a day, or sometimes fills its gaps. 
It makes me feel independent. It emphasizes or beautifies a certain moment, feeling or mood. 
It makes me travel between my thoughts, transcending from one to the other, creating this clip/scenario that lasts as long as the music plays.


These are two playlists made for The Couch. They are not divided in genres, instead based on different moods a human being may be in, or seeks to be in one of them, [during a daydream or after a nightmare maybe] mixing different eras and music movements. The tracks listed in the playlists express my moods, indeed divided in two different ones, but hide different small layers from a track to another.

They were selected from the albums I like. Some are digital albums I have on Spotify, others are from my vinyl records collection. Sharing them means getting to know me in an alternative way, through what I listen to. This is also why I decided to add at the end of this publishing a link where every reader can add their song, in order to create a playlist, where strangers get to meet each other, through music. You will also find besides the Spotify’s playlists link, another Google doc link made for readers who don’t have/use Spotify.


mood /muːd/
noun mood; plural noun: moods
1. a temporary state of mind or feeling.


contemplative /kənˈtɛmplətɪv/
adjective expressing or involving prolonged thought.

reflective /rɪˈflɛktɪv/
adjective relating to or characterized by deep thought; thoughtful.

Spotify link
Google Doc link

2. CHEERFUL (1h 53m)

cheerful /ˈtʃɪəf(ʊ)l/ 
adjective noticeably happy and optimistic.

Spotify link
Google Doc link

3. THE COUCH - MUSIC AS A MANIFESTATION (collaborative playlist)

Google Doc link


- George

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